End Of Year Event – Auckland Transport’s New Network: Principles & Pints

Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Northern Region end-of-year Event -13 December 2018

‘Auckland Transport’s New Network: Principles + Pints’

Over the last few years there has been a quiet revolution going on in the way people move around the city and its not just between home and work.

With your HOP card in hand, come on a curated journey with CILT and Auckland Transport to hear how AT’s ‘New Network’ has transformed Auckland’s public transport landscape -from an inefficient, inaccessible system to a multimodal, frequent, turn up and go service…achieving champagne-quality service on a beer income in just a few years.

Hear from AT’s Network Development Team the what, how, where and why of the New Network design and build, all while you travel across the network and experience it for yourself first-hand. As no decent transport journey is complete without a pint or three at the end of it, our journey will finish at a pub where CILT members can enjoy quality Q&A with the AT reps in a convivial atmosphere.

The CILT 2018 end-of-year Magical Mystery Tour begins 18:00 on 13 Dec at the Britomart Station Concourse beneath the big timetable digital screen.
This is an event not to be missed, so please contact Janice Miller ASAP to secure your place.

Email: janicemiller@outlook.co.nz

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