NZ companies achieve world first BRC certification for wine

WHILE NEW ZEALANDERS know all about Marlborough’s award-winning Sauvignon Blanc, they may be less familiar with the achievements of a group of companies responsible for the production and distribution arc of grapes to bottle which are enjoyed the world over. Three companies – Port Nelson, Central Express and WineWorks, along with an existing joint venture Wine Express – joined forces in 2015.

Looking to redefine the way our wines journey from grape to glass, QuayConnect’s model provides the ability for authentic NZ-bottled wine to reach international markets; the ultimate guarantee of the highest quality drinking experience for international consumers. Just three years later QuayConnect is an award-winning vertically-integrated consortium at the heart of New Zealand’s wine industry.

Food safety and climate change

Calls for the safe and sustainable procurement of food and beverages have intensified over the decades. Greater consumer awareness about the safety and sustainability of food and beverages they consume are causing international retailers and food service providers worldwide to implement sophisticated assurance measures. Many UK, North American and European retailers now insist that their suppliers achieve certification – primarily finished food manufacturers, raw material and ingredient suppliers and the packers of primary products.

What is BRC?

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is a gold standard, internationally recognised mark for food safety and quality certification. Established in 1992 as a UK based retailer association, BRC’s Food Technical Standard and Protocol (1998) for food suppliers has been widely adopted in the UK and subsequently around the world.

BRC is also a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognised programme – an internationally recognised platform for the collaboration of some of the world’s leading food experts in support of higher standards of worldwide food safety through production and distribution.

Vertically certified supply chain

In a wine industry first, all three QuayConnect consortium members have achieved BRC certification status, meeting customer demands that New Zealand wine, bottled exclusively in the country of origin, delivers the highest quality and most responsible drinking experience available in market.

While numerous individual companies around the world seek BRC status, vertical certification through entire supply chains is less common

WineWorks is the country’s largest wine bottling company, responsible for preparing millions of bottles of wine in New Zealand for export every year. Port Nelson, as New Zealand’s wine port, imports large volumes of dry goods while storing and facilitating the export of finished wine around the world.

Central Express (CEL) is a multi-tiered transport company that delivers grapes or finished wine from the vineyard to bottling and other production and distribution hubs. Wine Express is a joint venture tanker company between CEL and WineWorks transporting bulk wine to production facilities.

In addition, QuayConnect has won national awards by redefining the sustainable footprint of export goods – reducing road and driver hours travelled and fuel used, while significantly lowering carbon emissions and increasing volume of loads.

Certified from Grape to Glass

The integrity of provenance, defined through food safety and quality, has become a major factor in the buyer experience around the world. QuayConnect’s commitment to safety, quality and sustainability is now certified at the highest BRC level.